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Hobbies & Crafts Zones
There are a lot of creative crafts for older kids and adults. I choose the following because they are ones that I enjoy.

Model Boats and Ship Models Zone

I sailed my first model sailboat tethered by a string off the floats at the Wollaston Yacht Club, Quincy,MA, in grade school. Then I built model airplanes. For several years I built U-Control planes and free flight sail-planes. In junior high school I started sailing/racing real boats and my model airplane building stopped. I served a tour of duty in the U.S. Coast Guard. Later, after college, my hobbies involved building fiberglass dinghies and molding fiberglass Friendship Sloop models.

I have written articles about model boating including:


There is a Google discussion group for model shipbuilders. World wide there are many associations and clubs for ship modelbuilders and people building dioramas. A famous model research and model building guild is the - Nautical Research Guild, Inc. They also offer one of the best listings of Model Boat Clubs and Organizations (world wide)!!! Scale Ship Modelers Association of North America is a long standing prestigious organization and one to emulate.

Scrapbooking & Digital Scrapbooking Zone
Scrapbooking got a shot in the arm more than thirty years ago when Marielen Christensen of Spanish Fork scrapbooked her family's memories. She co-authored and published a how-to book, "Keeping Memories Alive". Now in the 21st century Journal writing and digital-scrapbooking are in vogue for preserving memories.

During the past decade the printing industry has seen light speed changes in publishing technologies. Inexpensive high quality digital scanners, home PC's, and remote publishing over the Internet make it easy for scrapbookers with no graphic arts or printing experience to produce very high quality bound albums and scrapbooks. David Lewis offers state of the art online Digital Scrapbooking

Kite Zone
I was a teenager at North Quincy Junior High School in Quincy, Massachusetts, many years ago when I fist flew dime-store kites. Today kites have benefited from high tech construction materials. There are still dime-store kites, however there are hundreds of new high-performance stunt kites, radical new box kites, delta kites, parafoil kites, dragon kites, butterfly kites and a lot more! Kite flying is ageless! Breeze Chasers is one of the many professional shop that will help you get the most out of your kite flying.

Model Railroading Zone
The NMRA offers "Introduction To Model Railroading" web pages to introduce people to model railroading. They want to help anyone interested in building a model railroads. Builders include those who may have a simple track plan and now want to grow the hobby.

Model Railroaders get inspiration from model train shows,,Rail-fanning and train-spotting and Model Railroad Magazines.
There are model builders who build and run live steam engines and diesel trains.
Papier-Mâché Zone
Papier-Mâché (French for 'chewed-up paper' because of its appearance), also spelled paper-maché, is a construction material that composed of paper materials and water based paste. The papier-mâché is used to create a wide range of objects. The water in the paper dries, the glue hardens, yielding a paper based piece. In many ways it is similar to using plastics and resins.
Constructing papier-mâché pieces is a children's craft However it is also a material used by serious crafters.

Papier-mâché has been used for high quality plates, bowls, plaques, trays, boxes, salt cellars, desk sets, bracelets, and brooches. Highly complex and finely detailed miniature scenes are painted onto even the smallest papier-mâché pieces. Papier-mâché has been used for well over 200 years.

It is a interesting composite material and can used to build surprisingly strong structures. Strips of papier-mâché can be layered or can be mixed to form a mash and molded into shapes. Papier Mache is truly one of the most amazing craft materials.www.papiermache.co.uk offers tons of information; probably all the you need to learn in detail about papier-mâché. They also offer Crafts People and Artists a site to display their photos of projects (finished or under construction)

Fifty-Plus Zone

Are you exploring living concepts-options, residence options, adult routine care, assistance, and access to services, avoiding admission to nursing homes or assisted living facilities, finding autonomy, individuality, social relationships and dignity? Everyone wants to avoid loneliness, helplessness and boredom.

You may want friendly informative peer to peer conversations about retirement. Perhaps you want to make new friends. People enjoy sharing advice, living your dreams, discussing traveling.

If you are looking for Internet meeting places to contact people who have retired and for those thinking of retiring what better place to discuss these issues than on our Cyberspace Seniors Roundtable a Google Group .

Here is a terrific resource: The Retirement Community website which has a extensive directory of subjects retirees will want to browse: Active Adult Communities,  Adult Day Services,  Assisted Living,  Alzheimers Care,  Continuing Care,  Home Care and Hospice Care,  Independent Living,  Senior Centers,  Choosing a Retirement Community,  Driver's Licensing,  Medicaid Regulations by State,  Property Taxes By State,  Retirement Glossary,  State Elder Affairs Agencies,  Taxes By State, and Types-of-Senior-Housing.

Skype is a little piece of software that lets you talk and video conference over the Internet with anyone, anywhere in the world for free while viewing each other on your computer screens.

This Listen-Zone describes one of several ways to set up and use Skype

Basic Requirements for Skype
  • A high speed Internet connection
  • a personal computer (Your computer must have Windows 2000, XP or Vista to run Skype)
  • a webcam, a microphone (some web cams have a built in microphone) and speakers attached to your computer). Many lap-tops have built in speakers, some have built in webcam. If you are concerned with the audio being overheard you can use a headset with microphone
  • first install the camera's software on your computer
  • Then Connect the camera with the USB cable to any of the the computer's USB sockets (ports).
    Many computers will automatically recognize that you plugged the webcam in and it will tell you there is a new device on the computer
  • With the webcam connected you have also connected the microphone that is built into the webcam to the computer. You can now adjust the audio settings using the webcam controls or wait until you have installed Skype.
  • The Logitech installer will guide you through the con figuration of the audio. You may download from the Logitech site or from Skype.
  • Skype provides the software free of charge. After you have Skype installed they have additional services that you buy into.
  • This article is limited to free services over the Internet to anyone, anywhere in the world for free while viewing each other on your computer screens.
  • You will be asked to choose a Skype name
    This the name or nickname that people will use to call you (connect with you) on using Skype. The Skype Setup Wizard will appear and guide you through the rest of the installation.
  • Make certain peakers are plugged in and volume turned up. (or if using a head set plug it in)
  • Now call the Skype Test service. It is an automated service that you call and it calls you back so that you know you are ready to Skype.
  • Make your first call
    Select your friend's Skype Name and press the big green call button.
  • Sign up for a Google Account and for a Google gmail account
  • Now join the Google Group, Cyberspace Seniors Roundtable a Google Group This is web and email forum an online senior's
    Cyberspace Seniors Roundtable a Google Group,senior's network, for those who have retired and for those thinking of retiring. You can reach me at the Seniors Roundtable.

    For Caregivers family members and others providing both paid and unpaid caring for Seniors at Home here is a new Internet peer group resource.

    To email Dave: Mainwaring @listenzone.com


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