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Digital Scrap Booking pastime is expanding at light speed. You can do-it-yourself using the user friendly tools on www.photoalbum.com.

David Lewis wrote:
I'll share a story from one of our users. Kismet wrote: "Our apartment was struck by lightning a few months ago, and we lost our computers and other electronics in the subsequent surge. The hard drive from my old computer is with the Geek Squad at the moment to see if they can recover any of my files." All of her work that was uploaded to PhotoAlbum.com is safe and available she is able to continue working with her online designs from any computer on the internet. Another one of our users writes: "I do like the fact that I can upload the images I want to use, then work on the pages at my leisure wherever I have an internet connection. I did a little playing during a work break yesterday, as a matter of fact."

David Lewis at PhotoAlbum expanded his line of software to make digital scrap booking easy to Do-It-Yourself. He has to vigorously maintained the high quality expected by scrap-bookers.

Glossary of Scrap-Book Printing Terms
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